There are studies that suggest that hate group membership is on the rise because some white Americans are so outraged with the fact that we have an African-American President that they want to hate all non-whites.

Its obvious that these people voted for McCain but what is more interesting is the fact that any one with half-a-brain would realize these people are idiots and suffer form mental deformities.

I find it funny that the type of people that join these groups are the trashiest and dumbest of people.

Listen to this…..

Mafia Dick!!!!

With all the hooopla going on about the economy and Obama’s administration we seem to have forgotten about the crooked officials that got into this mess in the first place.

Welp I haven’t….lol

Palin in 2012! Stop it I say!

The real Sarah Palin!

If anyone thinks this women is a legitimate candidate for president of this country you should have your voter rights stripped!!!!!

The Right-Wing Conspiracy!

It seems that the haters on the right have decided to begin counting down to 2012!!!!! lol

Obama isn’t even in office yet and the republicans are already trying to be critical of his Presidency! WTF?!?!?!
Carl Rove one of the most prominent Republican pundits has even said “give the man a chance!”

Get ready they Hating!!!!!