Video :: Young Jeezy :: Circulate :: Full Vid

Young Jeezy CIRCULATE (Full Video) from jeezy circulate on Vimeo.

please! pleeeeeeeease! Let the $$$ Circulate!!!

Jamie Foxx ft. Some Real Check$!!!

He has some serious cameos in this one [Samuel L. Jackson, Quincy Jones, Cedric The Entertainer, Ron Howard, Forrest Whitaker, OMG]. A-List video, if you weren’t in this one, question your influence patna.
This single is carrying us through the spring, I can see that already. Videos are an essential part of pushing a record, anyone who thinks different is an idiot, and needs another job if you happen to still have one in the industry. Promoters will spend their whole summer trying to recreate that video in their club. LMAO. Good Luck.

Yelawolf x Hollyweerd x Proton Show pics

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Dj Jamad, Don Cannon, Ox Banga, Red Alert on the 1’s & 2’s

It was a blast.

Is this YOU LSU???

Its amazing how some people form an opinion off of what they see or hear without actually being in an individuals shoes……. with that being said should we watch this video and conclude that everyone at LSU is this ignorant????