“I hope Obama fails,” says the the over-the-hill talking head! If President Obama fails, millions of people will starve, lose their homes, or die for that matter! If President Obama fails, it means more than a ole “I told you he couldn’t do it!”

I find it hard NOT to compare the comments by some of these republican pundits to treason!
Its one thing to say I don’t agree with his philosophy or ideas to right this country’s path, but to say that you hope your President FAILS??!! I think this is nothing short of TREASON!!!!!!

Think, the past 8 years we ALL disagreed with W, but I don’t think anyone hoped he failed!

So without further pause here are 2 of the worst Americans in history……. if u watch Rush(The Big Pale one) really close he actually starts getting jittery and choked up like a real J (Junkie)!!!!!! lol

2 thoughts on “Treason!

  1. Lieu Fatale says:

    Damn. What a freegin idiot 4 outright wishin that his president ,which is working towards the betterment of his coutry,…fails.

    Worthless sad ass sack of nothing. smh.


  2. Anonymous says:

    damn right, what kind of sad person would say such a thing. clearly he just needs to come out the closet and say “I am A Racist”

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