New Muzik :: Jay Z ft. Diddy :: Maybe

Relax, Diddy is only on the hook, or some sh*t like that. Other than that, it’s a pretty smooth track.


New Muzik :: Drake :: Houstatlantavegas

This is my sh*t for the week, so many women that I know could’ve easily inspired this song [what does that say about the Atlanta scene?]. Homie’s stock is going up daily, this is the third song that I’ve had requests for in the club. As I comb the country for new locations to plant the empire. Beware nucca, your city might be next.


Videos :: GLC ft. Kanye West :: Big Screen

Why are they so late on releasing material for this cat? or am I behind? let me know because I’m wondering if they can successfully place him in the forefront of newcomers.

Video:: Trey Songz :: Brand New :: starring the Velvet Room

Groupies, if you’re not at Velvet Room on Sundays, clearly you’re slippin’. I’m sure they’ll be coming out in droves after this extended commercial. Congrats to the AG Ent fam. I need to stop being so hard on the groupies, huh? They’re human too…

Cameos from Shawty Lo, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Jim Jones, Lola Luv, Drake, Young Jeezy, and more.

Video:: Twister :: Wetter (Get It Wet 09)

Is that Lil Kim scaring the sh*t outta me? lol maaaaaaan. that is so weird. okay i’m done, enjoy the video ya’ll. Song is picking up with the ladies ::

UGK :: Da Game Been Good To Me ::

A lot of new comers need to pay close attention to this song, it’s just the pure truth to me. A lot of ya’ll incomplete gangstas funny to me. Most likely you aren’t thorough at anything, just a loser in general, stop risking your freedom with that fakeness. Listen up::

Fantasy Ride On The Way :: Ciara ft J.Timberlake :: Sex, Love, & Magic

Song isn’t the best, sure they’ll be playing it on radio anyway. Video is nice tho. Way to push some buttons. That’s about all I can say about that one! What say you?

Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West, NeYo :: Knock You Down

Go and get the album, one of the few that have been worth it as of late. I had to hit that iTunes of course, but they have it for $10 at most spots.