Please Be On Point :: Dirty Cops Framing Someone For DUI

Now these two have to be the dumbest mf’s on the force.  It would’ve been too much to fess up to the accident like real men. They had to victimize this young lady, but were caught in the process and could face prison time.

Real Housewives of Atlanta :: How to Lose All Your Business

Here is how you take an opportunity to bring in new customers and flush it down the toilet. You took the bait buddy. Hook, line, & sinker.

Meth & Redman on Nas & Dumb ass Kelis

Finally, someone else speaks on this, I think I would’ve spazzed out like Mr. Noble. That’s some punk b*tch sh*t Kelis, pre nup!!!!

Tim Westwood Interviews Jay Z

I’m not gonna continue to be so subjective with my material, but Jay Z’s full of shit, but hey, he has half the world hypnotized. Do you think he’s lying about the BET shit? He lied before about the kid.  Shouts to my homie Tim Westwood for a very good interview and callin’ this guy on his BS (and for never being a groupie!)

Video :: Kid Cudi ft. Kanye, Common :: Make Her Say

We have to get this shit into rotation ya’ll, GTFO here if you can’t break this one.

Video :: Rick Ross ft. Trina :: Face

Wakin up to Trina is a plus. Good job Kenyan, good job sir.