Dj Spinz + J. Futuristic + Yung L.A. = Batman & Robin : Superhero Language Mi’Tape Coming Soon [Video]

Now these 3 finally get back up to re-create some that fire sh*t that got created the buzz that got LA and J signed. Bout time… leggo

Beanie Sigel ‘What You Talkin’ Bout (Average Cat)’ [Jay Z Diss]

Just when you thought it was safe, just when 50 was sayin’ Jay only preys on the weak, just when the world series is NY vs Philly.  Beans sh*ts on his former boss’ good week with one heckuva diss record.  Listen below…


Jay Z + Alicia Keys = Empire State of Mind [Official Video]

Ok, finally.  Sorry so many posts about this one song, and I’m not even from there.

Jay Z + Alicia Keys = Empire State of Mind Teaser [Video]

Jay & Alicia perform tonite for the 2nd game of the World Series… Philly got in dat ass Game 1… don’t go to their home field down 2-0, that’s not a good look at all son…