Stop yellin’ about your movement, it’s Non-Existent

The purpose of me doing blogs is because it is impossible to write back everyone who hits me wanting me steer them in the right direction or whatever. That shit is crazy nowadays [my inbox], and let’s just be realistic…. If I went any further than these blogs, some people’s feelings would be hurt; plus a lot of ya’ll have convinced yourselves that you’re the shit and my opinion wouldn’t change that one way or the other…

There’s another thing that people convince themselves about: HAVING A MOVEMENT!
I know the internet has made things possible that were only available to labels in the past such as promoting yourself at a higher level, being heard by millions, and better networking worldwide. All this is fine when it is done correctly, when there’s honesty and morals involved.

But when you factor in a somebody fakin’ friend stats and using code to boost their number of friends on myspace, pulling tricks to increase the number of spins, and EVERYBODY knows how to get that Visual to make you look like you’re somebody [aka the right graphic designer or buying Photoshop]…. WAKE UP CALL: labels are catching on to the fuckery and that shit is not going to get you anywhere.

Sure you can go to someone’s page [some of ya’ll stalker asses tap into a nigga whole life] and steal their swag, but you can NOT fake a movement.
You can say you run it where ever you’re from, but everybody knows you don’t run shit [ plus that’s old, like my boi Keiron says “A different nigga run the A everyday”]. But let me take yo ass to school and let ya know why you’ll never have a movement tryin’ to fake it,

“no disrespect…..but last time i checked,
you niggas was like 300, gettin’ fronted….
with like 4 niggas cashin out!!!….
what the fuck ya’ll laughin bout? ….
can u tell me what that math about?”

*it’s not really movement if you don’t have other people tryin’ to be a part of it. for real, and that shit can’t be subtle, I mean you got to have at least 5 incidents of niggas lyin’ about being a part of your crew

(hence it being at least 4 different Money Gangs after Montana’s success alone; Not to mention when Booke and Fre$h started poppin… im just sayin’; and how everybody started mentioning duffle bags, or bags at all after the success of Playaz Circle )

It’s good when you see a real movement out IN FORCE, at a venue and they’re taking up half the space in the b*tch, and even better when its not just band of niggas hanging together being fake with one another for the public. It’s bigger than t-shirts and chains. Crews are brought together, not put together. And that influence gotta stretch far beyond your hood homie.

*it’s not a movement if you do not conduct yourselves as a FAMILY. A lot of these fake ass cliques fall out because a lot of ya’ll niggas more sensitive and egotistical than any female i know. you’re buddied up during the good times and fake as fuck as soon as bad times come calling. a real movement has been through all dat shit together. You argue about sh*t and you deal with it like MEN. Fake movements equal no success in the long run. A real movement is the type of shit that feeds generations instead of a couple of people for a couple of years.

* It can’t be one person holding down the crew. It’s fine to have a front man, but your strength doesn’t come from everyone’s ability to mimic the front-man’s style, everybody has to be able to get busy and bring something to the table. More than one must shine. One cat can’t be shinin’ crazy while the others starve. That will cause a sh*t storm. Plus, only a fuck nigga would accept it being that way.

*no loyalty, no royalty. most crews nowadays don’t have any codes or morals. everybody ends up cutting eachother’s throats about scraps of money or some chick. it ends in separation, but sometimes can end in indictments.

that’s all the game I can give today

God Bless My Crews
Money Gang Duffle Bag

One thought on “Stop yellin’ about your movement, it’s Non-Existent

  1. i tryin to see wat u were sayin bout or tryin to prove by using the picture of that tattoo were u being negative towards the fact he got the tat or were u using that as a tool for loyalty???


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