Katrina and the Race war!

Ahhhh the sweet smell of cover-up.
We have all heard some of the sad stories that occurred during our Governments miss-management in N.O.
I think this video adds another charcoal to the grill.
The problem I have is that most of the racist we find are so poor that they have to create someone less than them and they do this by creating separation with race.

3 thoughts on “Katrina and the Race war!

  1. Are we absolutely positively sure that the brainwashing they send through our airwaves isn’t clouding our judgement?

    Are you without a doubt sure you are comparing apples to oranges on all things on all planks on all levels?

    Let’s try to make sure we aren’t feeding the fact they want to bridge HATE everywhere. Let’s not be manipulated by fear and emotions. Let’s prove them wrong and not let them grab us by the balls and use us to THEIR ploys….COME ON let’s be smarter than them. GET UP!!!!


  2. first anonymous made a good point, we can be more objective here. is that what we’re getting at number 1? because i feel like we’re feeding into it. let me know if ya’ll feel me on that.


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