Video: Behind The Scenes of "Circulate"

Circulate – Behind The Scenes from on Vimeo

“Circulate” is considered a favorite by most of my peeps, and is requested constantly in the clubs. I like the direction that its taken Jeezy in and the sample is so relevant (production by Don Cannon)
Watch one the most organic movements in the game as it continues to silence the doubters. Artists take note: invest in your own dream and MAKE it happen instead of waiting on others to believe. What the hell am I talking about? Well I’ll just say this, a lot of people hated on The Recession a long time ago, but the bol ain’t stoppin’ with his own push and it’s payin’ off. If nothing else, respect him for keeping sh*t around here crackin’.
Congrats On The Belvedere “America Reborn” Campaign
“Circulate” Coming In February

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