“I hope Obama fails,” says the the over-the-hill talking head! If President Obama fails, millions of people will starve, lose their homes, or die for that matter! If President Obama fails, it means more than a ole “I told you he couldn’t do it!”

I find it hard NOT to compare the comments by some of these republican pundits to treason!
Its one thing to say I don’t agree with his philosophy or ideas to right this country’s path, but to say that you hope your President FAILS??!! I think this is nothing short of TREASON!!!!!!

Think, the past 8 years we ALL disagreed with W, but I don’t think anyone hoped he failed!

So without further pause here are 2 of the worst Americans in history……. if u watch Rush(The Big Pale one) really close he actually starts getting jittery and choked up like a real J (Junkie)!!!!!! lol

2 thoughts on “Treason!

  1. Damn. What a freegin idiot 4 outright wishin that his president ,which is working towards the betterment of his coutry,…fails.

    Worthless sad ass sack of nothing. smh.



  2. damn right, what kind of sad person would say such a thing. clearly he just needs to come out the closet and say “I am A Racist”


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