5 thoughts on “@DjScream / HoodRich Radio Tonite on HipHop Nation Sirius/XM 10p-12a

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  2. You guys are full of shit! How yall gon hate on evelyn because that ho ass nigga headbutted her? Yall sound stupid and I feel real sorry for you guys and any females in your lives! He knew the consequences of his actions beforehand and for you guys to disrespect her on national radio because he lost his contract is ridiculous! Why does she have to be all kinds of bitches? I’m sure every single one of you would date her if given the chance. He should have not gotten married if he wasnt down for the committment. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, and think of how you would feel if that were your sister or mother. Very dissappointed and I will no longer listen to your show. I am an educated black woman and I will not solicit these type of programs. Good luck! You guys suck and I hope you lose your spot to someone that appreciates women. Fuckin haters is what I call guys like you!


  3. You guys suck donkey dick and are probably all woman beaters yourselves! That is a beautiful black woman that aint gonna take shit from a nothing ass nigga regardless of how much money he makes. Evelyn is a real bitch, the kind you fake ass niggas have always been scared of!


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