By Request | Unofficial Jay Electronica Discography

Brought back to the top because the Megatron Don signed with Roc Nation

WHEW! Ok, finally done.  Please Enjoy,  I know a lot of my listeners have been asking about Jay.  I hope this catches you up.

Attack Of The Clones



01.Abaracadabra [03:31]

02.Retro_Electro [03:51]

03.Colors [00:48]

04.Dealing_1 [03:55]

05.Girlfriend [01:50]

06.The_Cauldron [05:14]

07.Posers [03:29]

08.Spark_Em_Up [01:33]

09.Trolley_Stop [02:30]

10.Walk_with_it [03:38]

11.Attack of the Clones [02:02]

CryptoElectro Mixtape [No Cover]


01.Spark it Up (Intro) [01:49]

02.Renaissance Man [02:52]

03.My World (Nas Salute) [04:37]

04.Extra Extra [02:50]

05.Abaracadabra [03:42]

06.Uzi Weighs A Ton [04:10]

07.A Prayer for Michael Vick and T. [02:47]

08.Dimethyltriptamine [03:13]

09.Eternal Sunshine (the Pledge) [09:14]*ches and Drugs [01:34]

11.Trolley Stop [02:45]

12.Hard to Get [03:25]

13.Girlfriend [02:11]

14.Be Easy [04:40]

15.Dealing [04:02]

16.Get Em [03:04]

17.Victory is in My Clutches [03:08]

18.Somethin to Hold on to [05:51]

19.I Feel Good [03:56]

20.So What You Sayin [04:30]

21.The Levees Broke [04:58]

22.Walk with it (Feat. Lil Flip) [03:38]

What The F*ck Is A Jay Electronica?


01 Jay Electronica – Spark Em Up (Intro)
02 Jay Electronica – Renaissance Man
03 Jay Electronica – My World (Nas Salute)
04 Jay Electronica – Extra Extra
05 Jay Electronica – Abaracadabra
06 Jay Electronica – Uzi Weighs A Ton
07 Jay Electronica – A Prayer For Michael Vick and T.I. (We Love You Family)
08 Jay Electronica – Dimethyltriptamine
09 Jay Electronica – Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)
10 Jay Electronica – Bitches And Drugs
11 Jay Electronica – Trolley Stop
12 Jay Electronica x Mr. Porter – Hard To Get
13 Jay Electronica – Girlfriend
14 Jay Electronica – Be Easy
15 Jay Electronica – Dealing
16 Jay Electronica x Guilty Simpson x Mr. Porter – Get Em
17 Jay Electronica – Victory Is In My Clutches
18 Jay Electronica – Somethin To Hold On To
19 Jay Electronica – I Feel Good
20 Jay Electronica – So What You Sayin
21 Jay Electronica Ft. Lil Flip – Walk With It
22 Jay Electronica – Katrina The Levees Broke



1. Abaracadabra
2. Candy Man
3. Just Blaze Plays (Snippets of Transformations & Untitled)
4. Swagger Jackson’s Revenge
5. Transformations
6. Posers
7. Hagler
8. Retro Electro
9. Spark It Up
10. Dimethyltriptamine
11. Dealing
12. Girlfriend
13. INTERMISSION – Jay Electronica Speaks About OB4CL…
14. Victory Is In My Clutches
15. Because He Broke The Rules [Acapella]
16. Who’s Gonna Save My Soul (Remix)
17. So What You Sayin
18. Get ‘Em
19. Fyodor Dostoevsky – from Notes From The Underground
20. Departure Are You Watching
21. Annakin’s Prayer
22. Somethin To Hold On To
23. When The Levees Broke

Scratches & Demo Tape Volume 1


01.Annakin’s Prayer [03:22]

02.Hagler Demo [02:50]

03.Not Too Far form Nothing [04:01]

Style Wars

1 Renaissance Man Prod. By J-Dilla

2 So What You Sayin Prod. By J- Dilla

3 Bitches And Drugs Prod. By J-Dilla

4 Dimthyltriptamine Prod. By J-Dilla

5 Be Easy
6 My World (Nas Salute)
7 Get Em’ Prod. By Mr. Porter Feat. Guilty Simpson And Mr.Porter
8 My Uzi Weighs A Ton Prod. By Thom Yorke
9 Victory Is In My Clutches
10 Hard To Get Prod. By And Feat. Mr. Porter
11 Somethin To Hold On To Prod. By Nottz
12 I Feel Good

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