16 thoughts on “AUDIO | PCZ Da Stick Up Kidd ft. Yung Fresh – Do Wat I Do

  1. U and Fresh went n on dis one. Keep makin dem hits my g u noe i’m ridin wit ya til da end. Like Kebo said we gon paint da city green wit dis shit, real talk


  2. Nigga dis da hardest shit spinning..niggas gotta fuk wit it.two real niggas spiitin real shit,and dis shit gone getta nigga smashed when it drop betcha dat!! My nigga cz lets get 2011 kno im rockin witcha.Fye me up nigga!!


  3. Green Gang Is In Here. You Got to Kno Im Rockin Wit PCz Capone…These Folks Need Gone and Back Up So We Can DO WHAT WE DO.

    Krunk Montana
    Stars Wit’ Stripes Ent/Hit-Squad
    Grove Street Vet


  4. bruh bruh u no i no u got skills…been heard ya skills back in clay co…so i no u go in…ya’ll niggas went in on this tho…its ridin!!


  5. yea dis nigga go n!!!!!!!!!! but what the fuck you mean funny niggaz from atl fuck you and where you from bitch (fuck a name) anyway back to the artist he go in and that nigga on there wit him the truth


  6. O hear go another rapper from hitsquad since waka came in the game thats all we hear… 1st capp wit o lets do it… 2nd kebo gotti wit grove street party now dis guy… I gotta take my hat off to waka cause he doin right. SHOUT OUT TO HITSQUAD/BRICKSQUAD BSM


  7. On sum realshit dog dese niggas on da trak going crazy some 1of the hardest street records i heard ina minute. Need2cum@fuk wit us in tallehasse all my peoples luvin this fa real!


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