Cameras capture drivers who don’t stop for school buses

Drivers who pass a stopped school bus in Cobb County will soon risk getting caught on video. The county has armed 102 school buses with digital video cameras that can capture the tag information of drivers who ignore the law that requires them to halt near a stopped bus when it is loading or unloading children. That’s when school buses erect their stop sign arms ordering motorists to stop.

“If you’re in Cobb County, don’t pass a bus because it could be equipped with a camera,” said Michael Warner, associate director of fleet maintenance for Cobb schools.

The county outfitted the buses after Georgia law was amended this year to allow the use of video recordings in lieu of written statements by bus drivers. Previously, violators could only be fined if police caught them or if bus drivers wrote down a tag number, vehicle description and time and place of the incident. Now, motorists can be fined based solely on the recordings.


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