Five People Were Shot During the Entertainers Basketball Classic At Rucker Park Last Night

Niggas never fail to amaze and disappoint, nationwide. What were you thinking? Now it will be nearly impossible for people to enjoy themselves at events for the rest of the summer. As if the Colorado incident wasn’t enough, now you go and shoot into a crowd because you’re unhappy with a call. Parents, teach your kids to deal with their emotions and recognize when you have crazy kids.  spotted over at complex.  Entire breakdown of the incident after the jump >>

Every summer, NYC basketball fans and Harlem residents look forward to the Entertainers Basketball Classic. It’s an annual event that frequently attracts crowds that feature professional athletes, rappers, and other entertainers. But, last night, tragedy struck during the 2012 EBC when five people were shot by a gunman who was reportedly unhappy with a call that was made during a game.

“They started arguing, about a bad call or something like that,” an eyewitness told the New York Daily News. “The guy was standing no more than five feet away from me. He pulled a gun out of his pocket and shot once. He then shot one more time. Everyone started running. He was real close to me. I thought I got shot.”

The eyewitness also reported that Golden State Warriors guard Nate Robinson was in the crowd, but that he avoided the hail of gunfire and left the scene without getting injured. The five people who were injured were all taken to area hospitals and are expected to live. Currently, the shooting suspect is still on the loose.

Damn, isn’t anything sacred anymore, people?

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