Drake – ‘NWTS’ Album Review


Fish N Grits is proud to present our first review! As we welcome the newest addition to the fam: KenoMajor!

Late last night Drake’s highly anticipated third studio album, Nothing Was The Same“leaked” on the internet. The leak, or whatever you choose to call it, comes eight full days before the official in store release.  Following the success of Take Care, and So Far Gone, will Drizzy live up to the hype?

The album opens with Tuscan Leather, a full length look into Drake’s mental process as he grows into one of the biggest artists of this generation. Here he openly boasts about his chart dominance, wealth, and number one spot in the rap game. See Drake feels his sound, whether you like it or not, signifies a shift in music. A new era sound (the new OVO sound). This isn’t enough for Drake though. See the success isn’t what he thought; the effects on his personal life, the effects on his relationships aren’t what he expected. Nothing is the same as it used to be, but everything is better than it was before the money. A true conflict Drizzy is facing throughout the album…

Started from the Bottom, Wu Tang Forever, Hold on We’re Going Home, and All Me, four tracks that were released in advance of the album, follow the same story line.

R&B Drake returns on tracks, “Too Much”, “Connect”, and “Language” the emotional up and down drake resonates with all of us. It works period.

The Jay’z assisted Pound Cake, is the stand out Hip Hop track on the album. Here Drake’s wordplay takes front and center. He sets the scene, and Jay’z paints the picture. Drake is the next best up, Hov the godfather of the rap game. Drizzy has made millions, Hov has made many millionaires. A nice passing of the thrown, in my opinion

Tracks like “Furthest Thing”, “Own It” and “Worst Behaviour” are slightly repetitive however in the grand scheme fit Drakes approach this go around.

Overall Drizzy provides a solid project. Is this Take Care, no. It isn’t supposed to be. Drizzy wants hip hop to have emotion, be less agressive. This is the new standard. The new ovo sound.

8/10 overall.  — KenoMajor

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