Scarface: High Powered [Video & Story Behind It]

First of all, Scarface spits harder than anyone in the game in my opinion. This nigga just keeps it real and puts all those thoughts together beautifully. He’s been doing it that way for years. There is no way you call yourself a gangster and you’ve never beared witness to the truth he spits.

This time he touches on snitching and tries to get someone to see the error of their ways. From various sources, we’ve gathered that he’s forever speaking to Lil Troy [Wanna Be Balla:] they’ve been going back and forth for years about who the snitch is, both claiming to have paperwork on the other proving the dirty deed. Watch who you have around you : YOU ARE A TARGET.

Shawty Lo- I Knew It [Snitchin’]

For weeks, the good folks here at MM have been wondering if L-O would be responding soon to the strong campaign that T.I. has put up in the past couple of weeks. L-O hasn’t been totally absent from the headlines, but I just personally DO NOT [wow, gotta do spell check] participate in snitching, so I saw no need to go into detail about his recent rumored activities.

Speaking of which, his new song tackles the urban community’s current increase in cooperation with the authorities. His chooses to focus on Clifford Harris, who has been under scrutiny for his cooperation with law enforcement [which Mr. Harris frequently says is “public record”]

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